Get Paid To Take Care Of Your Parents With Our Help

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Why Us?

  • Because we care!  We have been in your shoes and want to help prevent the stress and heartache on your family and your parents.
  • Because we know that spending time with your family is more important than spending time on hold with state agencies.
  • Because we are able to get your application processed quickly.  Any small mistake you make can delay your application for months.  If you are currently paying for care, this could add up to thousands of dollars.
  • Because we are professionally trained! Every family has unique and different situations. Our experienced counselors will tailor a plan that works for you.

our services

Medicaid Application Assistance

Our compassion comes from our personal experience. Work one-on-one with an experienced agent to complete all necessary documentation to GUARANTEE your request is approved and your Mom (and dad) are covered.

Reimbursement For Out Of Pocket Home Care Expenses

The bills add up!  Healthcare and medical expenses are the number one cause of bankruptcies for otherwise stable income households.  We not only get you covered through Medicaid, but also get you reimbursed for out of pocket expenses that you have already paid for.  Call us now to find out how.

Nursing Home and Assisted Living

Choosing the right facility to care for your parents can be confusing.  Make sure your mom, or dad is in the right hands and is cared for by professionals.  Ask us for a list of accredited facilities near your home.

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The professionals at take care of your mom strive to ease the burden of elder care on you, your family, and especially your parents.  We make the experience comfortable and familiar so your mom or dad can maintain a sense of normalcy in their life.  We have seen that keeping your parents in their own home environment with an aide, keeps them more at ease and relaxed.

Income, Asset, and Inheritance Protection

Plan ahead!  Preparing the proper documents is a must.  power of attorney, living wills, trusts, advance healthcare directives, etc can be overwhelming.  We are here to help.

If you don't make the proper decisions the state can take your parents savings, their home, and other assets to pay for care.  Your mom and dad worked a lifetime for what they have.  It's our job to help you protect it.

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GET MEDICAID GUARANTEED! Have you been denied Medicaid coverage?  Has your landscaper, or bridge partner told you you don't qualify?   We have the experience to get your application approved, fast!  Everyone who files for Medicaid with the our process gets covered! MEDICAID ASSISTANCE AVAILABLE TO ALL IN N.Y. STATE.

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Ongoing Customer Service

We will continue to assist you through the entire process.  We're alongside you every step of the way until your personal elder care goals are met, IN FULL.

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